Cyclone extraction for your home workshop

How cyclone dust extractors work

Often referred to as a two-stage dust collector and unlike traditional dust collectors, cyclone dust extractors have two collection points for dust and debris. The first collection point is for the larger chips such as planer debris, whilst the second collection point collects the very fine dust, typically generated when sanding.

The system works by first drawing the wood waste into the air stream through the dust ports. Once the air enters the machine, the negative air creates cyclonic (centrifugal) action, causing the air to spin around in the cyclone housing.

Large, heavy wood chips fall down the housing into the first container, while the lighter dust particles are drawn up through the impeller into a filter canister. Any remaining fine dusts are collected in the second compartment.

Cyclone Extractor Diagram

Benefits of a cyclone

Keep dusts at bay

The cyclone technology reduces dusts entering the filter and therefore minimises the airborne dusts escaping from the machine. Not only does this improve the air quality in your workshop but it also helps to keep your workshop dust free.

Eliminate any damage

As the air stream is drawn in below the impeller, any large pieces of wood will drop down into the first compartment. Therefore eliminating any damage which can be caused by it hitting the impeller.

Axminster Dust Extractor

Efficient extraction and a longer life

By separating the wood waste and collecting the large wood chips before they enter the filter cartridge, this prevents any build-up of debris in the filter. Enabling the machine to carry on working efficiently for longer.

Three models to choose from

Designed with the home user in mind, our Axminster Workshop Cyclone Extractors are available as three different models.

AW118CE Cyclone Dust Extractor

The AW118CE Cyclone Dust Extractor offers you the complete dust extraction system. Designed for the home user but boasting qualities found within professional cyclone machines, the AW118E gives you clean and very efficient dust extraction.

Fitted with twin dust ports, you’re able to choose between twin 100mm or a single 125mm inlet. Its sturdy tubular steel frame holds the main body securely. Whilst the castor wheels make this machine easy to move around in your home workshop. The extractor is powered by a 1.5kW (2hp) motor, which provides plenty of power but runs happily on a domestic 13A supply.

Plus, fitted with a handy filter cartridge handle, you’re able to easily clean the cartridge of any excess debris. Allowing the machine to carry on working efficiently without a build-up of dust in the filter.

AC118CI Cyclone Interceptor

The AC118CI Cyclone Interceptor allows you to upgrade your current chip extraction system or create a wood dust and chip extractor which will handle even fine dusts from drum sanders.

Unpowered, it includes a cyclone interceptor and waste bin.

Use with a standard High Volume Low Pressure chip extractor to provide the airflow. Fitted with 102mm inlet and outlets, it suits many common home woodworking machines. The waste bin is a generous 118L, whilst the casters allow for easy mobility around your workshop.

Axminster Craft AC118CI Cyclone Interceptor

ACCIH Cyclone Interceptor Head

Already popular with many of our customers, the Interceptor head enables you to create efficient dust extraction for your workshop. Supplied as the head only, you can make your own suitable dust container and position the unit to where you need it; whether it’s mounted on the wall as part of your dust extraction system or placed next to your drum sander.

Axminster Craft ACCIH Cyclone Interceptor Head

Need help?

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