Practice your skew chisel and woodturning techniques with this fun and simple Christmas tree decoration project.

In this Woodworking Wisdom demo, Colwin shows you how to make a number of different Christmas tree shapes using different chisel techniques and tools. The aim of which is to develop your skills while all the while making these fun little decorations - great for using up offcuts and to sell online or at Christmas craft fairs.

Watch Colwin in our Woodworking Wisdom demonstration or continue to read out article to make yours.

Skew chisel Christmas tree

Begin by roughing down your blank to a cylinder and turn into a cone shape.

Then, clean and finish with a skew.


Mark the branches with a pencil and make V cuts using the toe of the skew.

Taper cut to the bottom of the V using the heel of the skew and repeat these steps until all branches are made.

Using a parting tool, cut down to give separation between the branches and the base. Leave around 10mm in the centre.


Taper the bucket then cut in some v cuts and use a wire to burn some decorative lines.

Finish by parting off with the skew.

Bead cutter Christmas tree

Here’s an alternative Christmas tree shape using the Easywood bead forming cutters.

Turn a tapered blank and use the bead forming tool to create a beaded finish. Then use the Easywood burning wires to define each bead.

Skew heel cut Christmas Tree

Another variation is the skew heel cut tree.

Begin by turning the blank down to a cone again, but this time held in a chuck.


Mark out the bottom branch. Then using the heel of your skew, push the fibres back from around 6mm back. Repeat this down the entire length of the tree.

Using the toe of the skew, tidy up and shape the base.

Finish by parting off.


More simple Christmas decorations

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