Hobby Series? Trade Series? Industrial Series? We pride ourselves on the fact that we bring you a wide range of machinery easily identifiable to match your needs. It's much simpler than the light-trade sort of descriptions you sometimes get. Those can often leave you thinking, is this really going to be able to withstand the rigours of the trade workshop?

Our ranges are designed to keep it simple. Without even looking into the small print, you know if an Axminster machine is the right level for you and if used correctly, will be covered by a Three Year Guarantee.

A lot of work went into this classification, so we wanted to show you how this was done and how we choose what machine is right for which level. Here we take a look at the ever popular Axminster Trade Series.

What is Trade Series?

Firstly, what does Trade Series really mean to you? Well as the name suggests these machines are made for small trade workshops. These are bespoke furniture makers, joinery makers, bar and shop fitting and many others. They are also great for the education sector.

Axminster Trade Series bandsaw

Trade Series machines are designed to be in use for up to 1,000 hours per year. A big difference from the 100 hours that our Hobby Series is designed for. Geared towards those who rely on woodworking machinery to earn their living, you can be sure these machines will be dependable and do the job required, when required.

How Does a Supplier Make the Grade?

For us, a key contributor toward making a machine trade quality is the supplier. Through decades of working together, we have developed a close knit group of suppliers that we trust will be able to develop a certain standard of machinery.

This has been done with a few key things in mind;

  • Engineering qualities of the factory - This boils down to the machinery they have, their production methods and, of course, the quality of the workplace. If the supplier has their own foundry to develop quality castings, this is a big bonus.
  • Design capabilities - Does the factory have its own design team that has the capability to improve or suggest changes to current designs? This may sound like a no brainer, but many factories won't have this.
  • Willingness to listen to feedback - Many companies simply won't change their designs, even if our development team have found faults through testing. We only work with those companies who are happy to take onboard feedback for the better of every party involved.
  • Trust - Through years of working together, we have developed a close knit group of suppliers. This has been done through trust which goes both ways. We trust them to make high quality machinery, that meets our very high standards. They trust us to continue developing machines further with them, treat them fairly and keep them on as supplier if our needs are met.

The Machines

What can you look for when you buy a Trade Series Machine?

  • Heavy, robust manufacturing with high quality steel frames and castings.
  • Innovative features that will improve the usability and performance of the machine.
  • Highly durable motors matched to the specification of the machine.
  • Complete compliance with all relevant safety standards for the work environment.

The Guarantee

Our guarantee is one of the most comprehensive available. All that we ask is that you purchase the correct machine for the required operation and usage and maintain it in accordance with the manual. There's no yellow tape here. No need to register the machine, just keep your proof of purchase. Any problems in the first three years of having the machine and all you need to do is call.

3 Year Guarantee on Axminster machinery

With all of this in mind, what are you waiting for? An Axminster Trade Series machine will give you all that you need and more in a woodworking machine. Back that up with a Three Year Guarantee and our award winning customer service and you needn't look any further.