With so many different techniques when it comes down to wood joining, choosing the right method for you is essential. Our helpful guide highlights and explains a variety of wood joining systems, including connector and wood connector methods, so you can choose the right solution for you. 

UJK Pocket Hole Jig System

The UJK Pocket Hole Jig is perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Using screws, effortlessly create strong joints for a wide range of applications including making frames for furniture, kitchen fitting and more. One of the main features of the UJK Pocket Hole Jig is the speed in which you can create joints. Using the jig, simply drill a hole at an angle into one workpiece, then join to a second piece with a self-tapping screw. The self-tapping screws remove the need to pre-drill, avoiding any alignment problems and are an excellent internal, strong clamp. These together with glue creates an impeccable bond and saves you time clamping and waiting for glue to dry. 

Additionally, you can use this jig in two ways: bench mounted, or by using the portable plate and clamp, transport the jig so you can use on site. A perfect solution to achieving strong joints quickly and effortlessly without the use of a jointer.

Wood connector systems

Mafell DDF 40 Duo Dowell Jointer 230V

The Mafell DDF 40 Duo Dowell Jointer 230V is excellent for those looking for an accurate and portable way to construct furniture such as bespoke cabinets, and build, or fit System 32 Cabinetry. Using dowells, you can produce precise corner, mitre and edge joints effortlessly as the system works by drilling a row of holes at 32mm centres, to then allow you to insert the wooden dowells. It features fully adjustable fences for positioning against reference edges, to ensure ultimate accuracy. The system is highly economic, as wooden dowells are cost effective and produce strong, reliable results. If you're looking for an economic, reliable method for wood joining, this one is for you. 

Festool DOMINO Connecting System

Festool DOMINO Connecting System

The Festool DOMINO joining system is fantastic for a range of different uses, from smaller construction to heavy wood construction. The system can be used either with wooden DOMINOs, or with knock-down connectors. Using either the Festool DOMINO DF 500 or the XL DF 700, strong joints are made in no time. The cutter creates holes within the timber which hold the DOMINO dowels or connectors, ensuring no scorch marks are made due to the patented pendulum routing system. This guarantees accurate work every time. When using the wooden DOMINOs, you can create invisible joints. DOMINO dowels are available in a range of different sizes; the DF500 dowels are available up to 10 x 50 mm in size, whilst the DF700 dowels are available up to 14 x 140 mm in size. 

The stop cap system means that the method is time efficient. It allows you to position the machine quickly, therefore no measure and marking is necessary and you can achieve repeatable positioning. Along with various width and length DOMINO dowels, there are flexible adjustment options available. This includes routing height and depth options, to offer unlimited jointing possibilities. Purchase extra accessories to make the DOMINO system even more flexible. 

The system is ideal for use on chipboard, plywood, MDF and various types of hard and soft wood. It’s a reliable and efficient way of making wood joints for larger constructed materials, as well as smaller materials. We recommend to use dust extraction to safeguard your health due to the large quantities of wood chip. 

The DF500 is perfect for making connections in workpieces as thin as 12mm upwards. Applications include making panel, frame rack and drawer joints. The DF700 is excellent for heavy wood construction. This could include making exterior doors, large picture frames, table tops and more, as it can create deeper tenons. 

Despite the initial outlay costs, the Festool DOMINO joining system offers an endless range of wood joining possibilities. With impeccable technology, this method of jointing is hassle free and convenient, for both small and heavy wood construction. 

Biscuit Jointing

Biscuit jointing is a wood joining technique that creates strong, invisible joints using wood connectors. It ensures workpieces are accurately aligned, creating flush joints and flat surfaces; perfect for panel jointing, table top projects, cabinets, frames and more, without the use of screws.

Simply produce half oval slots within your two pieces of adjacent wood using a biscuit jointer (both Lamello and Makita jointers are perfect choices). Then, insert an oval wooden biscuit into one of the slots. Just one advantage of using these biscuits is that they have a slight lateral give, allowing you to accurately adjust and align the wood pieces, even after the biscuit has been inserted. The biscuit is then glued in place between the two pieces, absorbs the moisture and swells. This effectively locks the joint in place, which results in a sturdy, seamless joint. Allowing for complete versatility, you can adjust the depth of your slots and choose the size of your wood biscuit, depending on what is suitable for your project. 

Connecting Systems

Lamello Zeta P Connecting System

Next up, is the Lamello Zeta P connecting system. A versatile method that uses various connector types to overcome numerous joining challenges. It is excellent for making a wide variety of complex wood joints at varying angles, especially for panel work. Producing unique 'T' slots, the Lamello Zeta biscuit jointer allows you to insert the P system fittings. The connectors then slide into the slots allowing you to create perfect joints. A wide range of P system fittings are available, including Clamex, Bisco, Tenso and Divario. Lamello connectors give you endless jointing opportunities. 

Lamello Biscuit Jointer
  • Clamex fittings are detachable connections with a high clamping tolerance. This means they are perfect for if you're wanting to transport your timber. Create your connections, flat pack and then assemble on site, without damaging. Plus, the connection is almost invisible, with only a 6mm hole required for securingthe joint. 
  • Bisco fittings are used in conjunction with the Clamex or Tenso connectors. They're a cost-effective solution, helping to keep joints secure when clamping force is only needed from every second fitting. 
  • Tenso fittings are a self-clamping connector, which are completely invisible. They align, clamp and connect. With high level clamping force, the connectors don't require the need for additional clamps when gluing work pieces together. They are perfect for furniture that requires glue. 
  • Divario fittings are sliding connectors that too make invisible joints. They are ideal for shelving units and furniture that requires a sliding connection. 

Alternatively, switch your blade to a standard 4mm blade and you can use the Zeta jointer to join your timber using the Lamello wood biscuits, producing stable joints. The Lamello Zeta jointing system is excellent for those wanting to make a wide range of complex joints for various applications, using only one biscuit jointer.  

Peanut 2 Mini Jig Connecting System

Last but not least, the Peanut 2 Mini Jig connecting system. An new, innovative way of creating joints from Intelligent Fixings, perfect for home use, smaller workshops, or to take on site for cabinet making. As equally as reliable as the original peanut connecting system, the mini jigs are compact and portable. Plus, they feature a handy carry back for transportation.

Peanut Mini Jig

The system works by pulling material together from the inside, excellent for those wanting to create invisible 45- and 90-degree angles, easily. With no specialist jointing machines needed, the system is cost effective and convenient, just requiring the use of a router and drill. Similarly, it doesn't require the use of any adhesive, so there is no need for the use of clamps or waiting for glue to dry. It's ideal for disassembling the material if necessary; you can pull apart the joints numerous times without loss of strength or causing damage. 

The jigs are now available with a 1/2" or 8mm shank cutter. Plus, it is compatible with three different invisible connecting systems – Peanuts, loose tenons and dowels, so is extremely versatile.

The Peanut Mini Jig connecting system is the choice for you if you want a cost effective, versatile jointing method that can be easily transported.