Lamello Zeta P2: Celebrating 50 years of Lamello

All new, all now!

This May, take advantage of the brand new Lamello Zeta P2 and save money when you purchase the Jubilee version. Take your pick from a variety of options and enjoy more for less with Lamello!

The special 50th Anniversary edition Zeta P2 is a dual function biscuit jointer. Use to produce special 'T' slots for the P system fittings or use as a standard biscuit jointer with a blade change (blades sold separately). The profile undercut function allows for the fitting of special concealed P system connectors that slide into the 'T' slot produced. Available with two different types of blades.

Each supplied with:

  • Clamex 7mm blade (TCT or diamond depending on your requirements)
  • Drill bit
  • Drill stop collar
  • Suction adaptor
  • Drill guide
  • Supplied in Systainer case

3 Year Warranty

Register within 30 days of purchase and receive a 3 year warranty exclusively for the Lamello Zeta P2 Anniversary Edition.

Lamello Accessories - a quick overview...

Lamello wood jointing accessories enable you to join any timber or board materials together, without clamps! Perfect for anyone that works with wood, Lamello accessories can be used for an endless array of applications.


Detachable furniture fitting on the basis of the form-locking P system anchorage. The form-locking P-System allows for an exceptionally fast and powerful anchorage in the workpiece.

  • Detachable with high clamping force
  • Stackable allowing for flat pack delivery
  • Versatile as you can create a range if angles
  • Aesthetically pleasing; only a 6mm hole is required meaning it is almost concealed
  • The small 6mm openings for hexagonal keys make the fitting unique
  • For convenience, the Clamex range of fittings can serve to join either detachable or glued furniture mitres
Lamello Clamex


Part of the P-System range of connecting fittings.

  • The aligning element fits into the 7mm wide P-System groove but is not form-locking like Clamex P
  • The Bisco range is used in combination with Clamex or Tenso as a cost-effective solution when clamping force is only required from every second fitting
  • It is also great when the use of more affordable aligning elements in between are used to maintain flush grooves as an alternative
Lamello Bisco


Invisible, self-clamping connector with a high clamp force.

  • The Tenso range includes a self-clamping connector with three functions: alignment, clamping and connecting.
  • The very high level of clamping force means you can glue work pieces without the need for screw clamps or pressure.
  • This makes these fittings ideal for glued furniture, e.g. bathroom furniture, sideboards, door frames, claddings, small shelved units, false edges, frames, etc.
Lamello Tenso


Joins and clamps via slide insertion.

  • Create clean, invisible and perfected closed joints
  • If you have pre-assembled structures, these fittings are just what you need
Lamello Divario

NEW! Lamello Accessory Sets

Lamello P-System Basic Connector Assortment in Systainer 2 Case
With a great selection of popular fittings, this basic assortment set comprises:

  • 80 pairs Clamex P-14
  • 80 pairs Tenso P-14 including clip
  • 60 pairs Clamex P Medius
  • 20 x Bisco P 14
  • Systainer T-Loc Gr. II including divider

Lamello P-System Professional Connector Assortment & Systainer Case
Secondly, this fantastic assortment set is designed specifically for professionals. It consists of:

  • 120 pairs Clamex P-14
  • 30 pairs Clamex P Medius
  • 30 pairs Clamex P-10
  • 80 pairs Tenso P-14 including clip
  • 30 pairs Tenso P-10 including clip
  • 20 x Bisco P-14
  • 20 x Bisco P-10
  • 80 pairs Divario P-18
  • Divario installation tool
  • Drill including rotating depth stop and marking jig
  • Clamex P installation tool

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Next, see the Lamello Clamex Jointing System in action at Barnby Designs, Hereford. Rob Barnby has been working with Axminster since 2009 and has always appreciated the great level of service. Nevertheless, it was after the launch of Barnby Design in 2012 that he really started to see the benefits of a business to business relationship. When asked about his relationship with his Axminster Account Manager, Ritchie, Rob said:

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