Introducing the new compelling collection of woodworking machinery by Axminster Trade. Specifically built to meet the growing demands of the trade customer and serious woodworker, the five machines truly surpass the expectation of a trade user.

Each machine boasts qualities and features typically found within industrial machines but at affordable prices for the trade user. The bandsaw, table saw, two spindle moulders and dust processor not only look contemporary but their innovative, unprecedented features and quality of build truly set them apart from anything similar on the market.

New Axminster Trade machines

Quality of build

If you’re looking for woodworking machinery to work day in, day out then these new trade rated machines are for you. Each machine has been specifically chosen because of its build quality. They are purposely built to be robust, whilst also delivering exceptional performance.

We were looking for machines that were an even better build and spec but were still of a physical size attractive to both a small woodworking business or enthusiastic home woodworker. The results are machines that raise the bar in terms of build quality, simplicity in use and custom build using the extensive options available.

Keith Thompson, Innovation and Product Manager

Robust tables

The spindle moulders and table saw feature a cast iron, precision ground and polished off table to offer a smooth, controlled travel for your workpiece. Plus, the cast iron is stress relieved to diminish any dimension distortion.

The bandsaw table has a Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating. Not only does this make the machine look great but it also creates a hard wearing, smooth surface, preventing corrosion and again allowing the workpiece to travel effortlessly through the machine.

Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated bandsaw table

Strong steel chassis

The five woodworking machines all centre around a steel chassis which forges a strong, stable shell. The strong material increases the lifespan of the machine as it protects the machine from knocks and absorbs any vibration. Additionally, the use of steel improves the accuracy of the machine in that a good stable base is very important. Steel also has a natural frequency of oscillation and therefore reduces any potential vibration.

Chrome cast iron handles

The spindle moulders, table saw and bandsaw all feature chrome cast iron handles to ensure any adjustments are effortless and controlled. Plus, cast iron prevents the handles from wearing and creates a comfortable grip for the user.

Chrome handle
Bandsaw and Dust Processor in use

Simplicity and ease in use

Each machine not only represents superb build quality but it also delivers engineering excellence to your workshop. The innovative features and unprecedented technology make these woodworking machines simple and easy to use.

Effortless table tilt

The bandsaw table tilt adjusts using a chrome cast iron control wheel which requires no effort to turn. Whilst this is happening the table is held steady by a rack and pinion gear and gas strut. The steady, easy adjustment allows you to achieve an accurate angle for your table.

Eye level, simple to use control panels

Both spindle moulders feature a control panel which sits above the machine. At eye level, the control is easy to adjust and makes the machine simple to control.

Control panel

The CNC spindle moulder also runs off an innovative Siemens drive/control system to make it exceptionally easy to adjust the speed, height and tilt giving you ultimate accuracy.

Maximum extraction performance and reduced filter maintenance

Innovative technology is used in the Gyro dust processor to reduce the filter maintenance. The clever centrifugal force separates the dust from the airflow, dropping the particles into dust containers and leaves the air exiting the separation chambers into the filters 99.9% dust free.

Dust Processor

Multifunctional woodworking machinery

A complete workstation

The ultra versatile table saw gives you the capability to not only make cuts with the circular saw but also achieve router cuts and dado cuts using the ingenious optional accessories.

Dado Blade Set

A first for the UK market, a table saw with compatible Dado Blade Set and overhead blade guard for exceptional groove and slot cuts. This optional accessory is easy to fit; you simply remove the riving knife with the quick release catch and fit the stacking Dado Blade Set. We also list an Overhead Crown Guard as an accessory which is compatible with the Dado Blade Set and complies with all current Health & Safety legislation.

Dado Blade Set

Spindle to router

Both spindle moulders feature a router spindle with HSK fittings. This makes it accessible and easy to switch from your spindle to a router cutter. The adapter uses an ER collet for fitting a UK 1/2" (12.7mm) diameter router cutter.

Spindle Moulder close up

The new Trade machines - quality has never been so affordable

We have been working with a number of manufacturers on the launch and upgrade of our Trade range for some time. We now have a host of machines all ideally suited to the expectations of the trade customer. These are at the very top end of the range and the five new machines form part of that picture.

Ian Styles, Product Development Director
Axminster Trade HW615E 375mm Bandsaw

The AT3352B Bandsaw

Featuring a gold colour, TiN coated table for hard wearing and smooth workpiece travel, the AT3352B bandsaw's design is one of the very best premium bandsaws on the market. Its high quality, robust frame, and smooth and accurate table tilt adjustment, matched with the T-square style fence allow you to achieve precise and accurate cuts.

Axminster Trade HW303ES Deluxe Spindle Moulder

The AT220SM Deluxe Spindle Moulder

The compact size, robust build quality, and the sleek and innovative design make this a great woodworking machine for your workshop. The extra large, cast iron table gives you the capability to work with larger materials, whilst the mitre fence in T-slot supports the smaller projects. The easy, quick release spindle type makes it simple to swap out your spindle for a router cutter collet without removing the tooling.

Axminster Trade Gyro Air G700 Fine Dust Extractor

The Gyro Air ATG700DP Dust Processor

The most unique extractor in our range and unlike others on the market. The Gyro Air uses centrifugal technology to maximise the extraction performance and minimise filter maintenance. The variable speed allows you to adjust the airflow to your work whilst the compact size and multiple dust outlet options make this extractor an ideal companion for your table saw or almost any workshop machine. Plus, the dust containers are simple and easy to remove with just a simple opening of a drop down door. The very low noise level, typically 61-76 dB(A) allows this high performance machine to be used in any busy workshop and, is especially reliable for educational use with both wood and metal working machines. 

Coming soon... The HW110LGE Table Saw Work Station and The E-305S Eagle CNC Tilting Spindle Moulder

The AT254TS Table Saw Work Station

Revolutionise your workshop! The ultra versatile machine enables you to not only make cuts with the circular saw but also achieve router cuts and dado cuts using the optional accessories. The Dado Blade Set is a feature the UK has been waiting for. Now, you can achieve tongue and groove slots for strong, solid joints using this accessory. The quick release catch makes it simple to swap the riving knife out for the blade set, whilst the compatible Overhead Crown Guard accessory ensures this feature complies with all current Health & Safety regulations. The right-hand table is recessed to incorporate a router table insert and is fully compatible with the UJK Router Elevator or more basic UJK Router Insert. The additional moulding fence is strong and fully adjustable and works well with the saw bench or can be purchased separately for use on a custom-made router table.

The AT220TSM CNC Tilting Spindle Moulder

State of the art technology is used in this machine to precisely control the speed, height and tilt. This gives you optimum accuracy with every profile you mould. The touchscreen control makes it easy to adjust the machine, whilst the eye level position makes it clear to read. A 5kw high performance motor drives the machine and gives extraordinary torque to the cutter block enabling clean and accurate cuts. The robust, finely ground, cast iron tables allow for easy workpiece travel whilst also reducing any chances of corrosion.

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