Peanut® Mini Jig - Connecting System

The Peanut® Connecting System from Intelligent Fixings is an incredibly easy way to achieve strong, invisible joints. The Peanut® Mini Jig is just as reliable, but is now more portable in a handy smaller size.

The new compact design allows you to use the Peanut® Mini Jig in your workshop, or on site. Supplied with a carry bag, it is easy to transport your jig from A to B.

Peanut® Jigs incorporate an innovative solution to jointing and cabinet making. They pull the material together from the inside, so you can guarantee invisible 45 or 90 degree joints. These joints can be pulled apart countless times and will not lose joint strength.

The Peanut® 2 Mini Jig is now available with either a 1/2" or 8mm shank, making it suitable for a wider range of applications than ever before.

The Peanut® 2 Mini Jigs are compatible with three different invisible connecting systems - Peanuts®, loose tenons and dowels, meaning you can choose which suits your project best.

Peanut® invisible connectors - self clamping and extremely strong

Peanut® router cutters - for Peanut® connectors to fit -  8mm or 1/2"

Compatible with the PEANUT® 2 Mini Jig

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