WoodSpur has a selection of premium screws for every application, including the Torx and Pozi drive head screws, both suitable choices but what is the real difference between them?


The Pozi drive

The Pozi drive was initially introduced as an improvement on the standard Philips drive. The features of this screw demonstrate a blunt tip and four radial grooves, which allow for increased driver engagement. Very similar to the Phillips drive visually, the easiest way you can distinguish between them is the four shallow radial markings on their heads.

With the Phillips screw being superseded by Pozidrive, it made some improvements but it can somewhat still be at risk of suffering from ‘cam out’. The star shape prevents the bit from completely slipping onto your work. However, the cone shaped recess on each screw means that they are still prone to ‘cam out’ mishaps. Just ensure you remain consistent with a correct angle with the screw to avoid any slips or damages.

The Torx drive

Next, introducing the Torx head drive screw. Featuring a six point star shape, this screw has made some amendments on the functionality of its predecessor. This screw requires far less effort to drive into the wood and if you’re not careful, will be driven further down than what you expected. Notably, the greatest improvement is the close elimination of hassle of ‘cam out’ occurring. The hexalobular design of the Torx socket has allowed force to be closer to a 90 degree angle in each corner, meaning it’s stronger and more resistant to rounding.

The best fit?

Overall, both screws are a superb choice and are hugely popular for various applications. Traditionally, Pozi drive is the more popular choice of the two but an increasing number of users now opt for the Torx drive screw thanks to the improved drive force and reduced amounts of cam out. Either way, WoodSpur have designed two top quality zinc plated screws, with countersinking heads and threads that cut into the wood dividing the fibres; not just simply forcing through. You can rely on WoodSpur in all wood materials, natural or manmade.


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