Wood Restoration

Wood restoration system

LiquidWood - deep penetrating wood consolidate

Put strength back into your wood with this two-part, low viscosity epoxy resin. The product soaks deep into wood fibres to strengthen and restore wood fibres. Suitable for indoor or outdoor timber, LiquidWood makes it possible to restore a piece of rotten timber rather than cut it out or replace entirely. For example, a rotten windowsill, window frame or section of timber cladding, can become rigid, strong, durable, water and weather-resistant and good as new. Once treated you can saw, plane, drill, nail, paint, rout or sand the wood. The product is easy to use, simply stir together equal parts A and B until fully blended. LiquidWood is also a primer for WoodExpox. For more detailed instructions on how to use the product please click here or see the User Manual on the product page

WoodEpox - structural adhesive putty

This versatile, high-strength, no-shrink adhesive paste will repair or replace damaged wood and fill areas missing due to rot. The WoodEpox Epoxy Wood Filler is ideal for repairing, replacing or adding to wood and most rigid surfaces, as well as dried out, rotten or spongy wood consolidated with LiquidWood. Use WoodEpox for interior and exterior repairs, for example, to replace missing wood on window frames and sills, doors, furniture, and decorative mouldings. The WoodEpox is ideal for re-building and repairing sections of wood destroyed by rot. For more detailed instructions on how to use the product please click here or see the User Manual on the product page

Abatron WoodEpox - 350 ml
From £31.68 £26.40
Abatron WoodEpox - 1 litre
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The Wood Restoration Kit 

Available in two different sizes, the restoration kit comprises equal quantities of LiquidWood and WoodEpox.

Follow these simple instructions to restore your rotten wood 
  • Apply to a clean and dry surface after removing contaminants, oil, grease, wax, old paint and debris
  • Mix a volume of LiquidWood A with an equal volume of LiquidWood B for at least one minute
  • Apply LiquidWood mix to deteriorated wood by brushing, pouring or injecting
  • For deeper penetration into the wood, drill small holes through side grain and across the end grain, and pour LiquidWood into holes. Repeat this process until wood is saturated.
  • Mix thoroughly a volume of WoodEpox A with an equal volume of WoodEpox B
  • Apply WoodEpox to wood primer with LiquidWood while LiquidWood is still "tacky" to fill cracks, holes and replace missing wood.
  • Sand, plane, shape, paint and stain restored wood as desired.
Restore rotten, decayed or damaged wood in just three easy steps!

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