A fun and easy project to make with children over the Christmas period, this simple hanging Christmas wall decoration will add rustic charm to your home during the holiday season.

This simple wall decoration can be made from offcuts, driftwood or any interesting sticks or branches found lying around, and can be embellished with whatever festive ornaments you choose.

Watch Ben in our Woodworking Wisdom demo, or follow our step-by-step guide below.

Prepare and measure your sticks

Remove any loose debris and rough bark with a wire brush and a carving knife or abrasive.

Measure and cut your sticks to length using a saw. We cut our to the following lengths - 80mm, 160mm, 240mm, 320mm, 400mm, 480mm.

Then, soften the ends with an abrasive.

Drill the holes

Lay the sticks out from the smallest to the biggest to ensure that you are happy with the size and shape. Adjust if needed.

Hold the stick in a vice, and using a 5mm drill bit, drill holes roughly 10mm in from each end. Repeat this process for all the sticks.

Countersink all the drilled holes, top and bottom.

Layout your tree design

Cut the string to length. To work out the length that you will need, lay out the sticks and place the string on top. Remember to give yourself a bit of extra length as the knots that hold the sticks in place will take up some of the string.

Use super glue to harden the end of the string, this will make it a lot easier to thread through the sticks and stop it from fraying.

Assemble the Christmas wall decoration

Thread the string through the pre-drilled holes, tying knots as you go, so that there is a 150mm gap between sticks. Top tip: You can mark the string as you go to help get the spacing correct.

Once everything is tied in place, trim off any excess string you may have.

Screw in some eyelets to hang the decorations from. Try using a bradawl to make screwing the eyelets in a bit easier.

Your Christmas tree wall hanging is now ready to hang and decorate.

Hanging Christmas Wall Decoration | How To

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