Kitchen scoops are a useful utensil in any home, for measuring and serving. And they make for an interesting woodturning project. Great for weighing and measuring or for scooping flour, cereals or other dry ingredients, these wooden kitchen scoops are a great project to use up workshop scraps.

Make to give as gifts or to sell at craft fairs or online, these scoops would look great in any country kitchen.

To make yours, join Colwin in our Woodworking Wisdom demo or follow our step by step guide below.

How to make kitchen scoops

Prep your blank

Centre your chosen blank. We have chosen a blank 75mm x 75mm 150mm. Rough it down to a cylinder.

Measure your chosen jaws to hold the blank. Using a parting tool, cut a tenon to the size of your jaws making sure all contact areas are straight and clean.

Remove from between centres and add the chuck to the lathe. Hold the blank in the chuck and clean up the outside surface then clean off the front face.

Shape the scoop

Start shaping the scoop section but being careful not to take too much away from the stem area.

Shaping the scoop
Shaping the scoop

Using a 30mm drill bit, drill to depth, the exact depth will need to be measured as it will depend on the length of your scoop.

We used a round nose scraper to hollow the scoop out and the Easy Wood Mini Finisher with some help from the Easy Wood Hollower.

When you are happy with the shape, sand to a good finish.

Sand to a good finish
Sand to a good finish

Begin shaping the handle

You can now start taking some of the waste timber from the handle of the scoop in preparation to do the final shaping. Finish rounding the scoop around toward the handle as you remove waste.

In preparation for finishing the handle you will need to turn a wooden drive. Take a piece of scrap wood between centres and rough it down to a cylinder and create a tenon to fit your chuck jaws. Then taper the piece of scrap wood down so it snugly fits into the scoop. Use some paper towel in between the scoop and the drive, bring up the tailstock and hold between centres.

You're now free to start shaping the scoop handle adding any detail you wish then sand all areas to a good finish.

Final sand and finish

Whilst held between centres, cut away the scoop shape. You can either cut through or stop at the scrap wood drive.

Sand the scoop to shape and hand sand to tidy up. Clean up the tip of the handle as this will still have a mark from the tailstock centre.

Finished kitchen scoops
Finished kitchen scoops

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