The challenge

George needed a supplier prepared to work alongside him, to share his passion for sustainable timber while finding innovative ways to increase productivity and accuracy.

Customer profile

George Morgan established Resin in 1999, following a degree in advanced cabinet making and a six-and-a-half year joinery apprenticeship.

Committed to sustainable timber, Resin source their materials from woodlands within a 20 mile radius of their Wiltshire workshop. Materials including mature elm, beech, oak, ash and  also the occasional sequoia or douglas fir, can all be found locally. George set up the wind felled timber scheme in 2004 utilising landowners that are usually obliging because collection and haulage of such timber can be difficult and expensive.

The natural timbers have freedom to grow, resulting in wonderfully unique grain patterns not found in cultivated timber. George uses his expertise and craftsmanship to transform this beautiful, as well as sustainable timber, into bespoke furniture and joinery.


Barford Down Farm, Barford Lane, Downton, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 3QW

The solution

Dedicated account support

Resin have been a customer of Axminster for many years. However it was three years ago, following a visit from one of Axminster’s technical consultants, that a partnership was formed.

Guided by Axminster, George at Resin set about fitting out his workshop with carefully chosen equipment, to help him work more efficiently and as a result, more cost effectively. He reveals -

What really made an impression was being able to have a face to face technical discussion, not just an exchange with someone remote on the end of a phone.

A visit from an Axminster technical consultant
A visit from an Axminster technical consultant

Star performers

Lamello P-System Zeta, Lamello Profila and Classic X -

Lamello was a real discovery. Their ability to make strong, quick joints with repeatable accuracy changed my way of working. It makes joint making about 40% faster. Before I would be drilling, dowelling, blocking and taping, but Lamello replaces all of that with one clever, discreet system. It’s a revolutionary tool for the contemporary workshop and I think it changes the way craftsmen think about design and manufacture.

Other firm favourites include:

  • Bosch GCM12 GDL Axial Glide Mitre Saw - produces fast, accurate cuts for any number of specialist projects
  • Festool Domino DF 500 and DF 700 jointing machines - perfect for handrail and staircase construction, these versatile tools provide a strong and dependable way of joining two pieces of wood together
  • Festool PDC 18V Quadrill - drives and drills in almost any situation, great for onsite use
  • Space Plugs - a must have for any fixed cabinet installations. They eliminate the need for fiddly angle brackets. Quick to fit, easy to adjust and finally they provide great stability
  • Axminster Trade Series DS12DL Disc Sander - a real workhorse. Its accurate mitre fence and steel plate construction make it a reliable machine for detail sanding

Additionally Axminster supply a number of consumables. Axcaliber GT bandsaw blades - which George describes as ‘the best blade’ he’s ever used and he’s also a firm convert to the Axcaliber forstner bits - for clean, accurate and flat bottomed holes.

He keeps a minimal stock of Titebond adhesives, choosing to buy ‘frequently and fresh’ to get the best results from this top performing wood glue specialist. He also deems Osmo oils ‘simply the best finish around.’


Guided by an Axminster technical consultant, George Morgan at Resin made new equipment choices helping him become more productive and as a result, more profitable. In his own words Lamello was ‘a real discovery and made jointing 40% faster.’

Both Resin and Axminster are passionate about sustainability. Firstly, Resin has a zero waste policy where any off cuts fuel the workshop woodburner. Secondly, through the supply of accurate and reliable tools and machinery, error and waste is minimal. Consequently the majority of the locally sourced sustainable timber ends up in Resin’s beautiful, bespoke finished products.

George refers to his work as ‘refined vernacular’ -

Generally, vernacular refers to everyday furniture items often with regional distinction, characterised by rugged, simple construction. Resin strives to combine the best of these characteristics in carefully designed and manufactured furniture and joinery. As far as I am concerned, if Axminster can help Resin keep doing what we do best, then there’s definitely a future in our partnership.

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