UJK offers mobile woodworking solutions to liven up any workshop, bringing versatility and unrivalled precision and accuracy to your woodworking wherever you are.

The UJK Compact Multifunction Workbench allows you to work on a quality surface, even when you don’t have access to your full size bench. Work on site, from the back of the van or in many other trade or domestic situations with ease.

Watch our Woodworking Wisdom video as Ben shows you how to make a simple shelving unit on the go, using the UJK Compact Multifunction Workbench and UJK bench accessories.

More about the UJK Compact MFT

The UJK Compact MFT Workbench gives you the flexibility to work anywhere. Whether its clamping, cutting or assembly, the UJK Compact Multifunction workbench allows you complete these tasks and more.

Whether in the workshop, on or site, its compact, lightweight design makes this an excellent option for completing your workshop tasks with accuracy and ease.

Compatible with UJK accessories, the UJK MFT can quickly and easily create a cutting station, clamping table or assembly area for whatever you're working on.

Its size makes it highly portable and easily storable when not in use. And with carry handles on the side, simply pick up and go.

Compatible with...

The UJK Compact MFT Workbench's pre drilled dog holes are compatible with UJK bench accessories for cutting, clamping and assembly.


Including, bench dogs, rail clips, repeat stop and more...


Including wedges, duck clamps and toggle clamps.


Including squares, fences and stops.

Explore accessory kits

Not sure which accessories you need? Then explore our range of accessory kits, offering everything you need in one handy systainer carry case.

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