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With a focus on British manufacturing, the vast majority of UJK Technology products are proudly manufactured here in Axminster, Devon. Each UJK product adds speed, accuracy and quality to your work for more efficient working. Our aim is always to give customers the unique products they want, and more importantly, the products they need.

UJK Technology Parf Mk II Guide System
Create cutting benches or boards in less than 30 minutes

Building on the success of the Parf Guide System, the new Parf Mk II Guide System is efficient, simple to use and reliable. If you’re looking to create multiple custom-made benchtops or portable cutting boards in under 30 minutes, this is the tool for you. It guarantees perfect 45° and 90° cuts, producing highly accurate results every time and eliminates any potential issues through best engineering practices. Want to discover more features and benefits? Read our Insights Guide to find out more.

UJK Technology Parf Super Dog
A useful accessory for making accurate, repeatable cuts

Tall standard dogs, no matter how tight the tolerances in the dog hole, will always have a little movement. However, without a locking device, this will inevitably result in a slight wobble and a possible loss of accuracy. A simple twist of the top of the Parf Super Dog changes fine tolerance into zero tolerance and locks it firmly in place. Once locked, there is no wobble or movement; it is rock solid. Read the story of the Parf Super Dog to discover more about how Axminster develop tools in-house.

Discover more Parf Accessories...

UJK Technology Parf Long Super Dog
Take full advantage of a plunge saws' maximum depth of cut

These long version Parf Super Dogs allows thicker work to be used especially with a track saw and Parf clips. While conventional Super Dogs are perfect for sheet materials, they are limited when cutting deeper sections. The Parf Long Super Dogs overcome this issue and deliver fantastic results.
UJK Parf Long Super Dog

Want to convert your Super Dog to Long Dog ? Use the UJK Technology Parf Long Super Dog Locking Shaft and take full advantage of a plunge saws' maximum depth of cut.

UJK Technology Parf Dog Rail Clip (Pair)Keeps the track secure and square against dogs

Next, if you use a track saw and portable cutting board, these dog rail clips are simple, easy to use and completely indispensable. Designed to fit all 20mm Parf Super Dogs and both the Makita and Festool guide rail systems, these rail clips ensure absolute accuracy when cutting with no dog wander or movement.

UJK Parf Chamfer Tool
Give your work table another dimension

Use to cut a neat, small chamfer around the precise 20mm dog hole made by the 20mm cutter. The biggest advantage of this shallow chamfer is that it allows full use of the UJK Parf Super Dog, when fitted with its stop collar. Next, it prevents damage from the repeated insertion of dogs, clamps and other accessories by removing the sharp edge around the hole. With 4 tungsten carbide cutters, this handy accessory is to be used by hand. Ideal for a custom cutting table as well the Festool MFT table.

UJK Technology Parf Dust Port
Dust extraction for Parf Guide System; allows direct connection to a vacuum extractor

Lastly, if you need to drill into MDF to produce a multifunction benchtop, this handy accessory is invaluable. For your convenience, it firmly attaches to either side of the Parf Guide Block and is easy to use. It enables direct connection to a vacuum extractor and helps to remove dust from the air as well as keeping the drill bushing free of debris. For ease of use, this dust port fits to many common extractor hoses.

Upgrade your kit

UJK Technology Cam & Wedge Clamping SetA truly useful accessory for a multifunction table

An exceptionally useful accessory for a multifunction table, the UJK Technology Cam & Wedge set allows you to clamp a workpiece leaving its top free from any obstruction. This makes it easier to access for routing, sanding, carving etc. It offers complete unbudgeability and contains a mixture of super handy accessories. The set comprises three stainless steel 12mm guide pups, a surface cam clamp, CNC machined HDF Valchromat, backstop, two wedges and spacer block. The backstop has three dog holes; one for diagonal placement and two spaced at 96mm for lateral or longitudinal positioning. Furthermore, the Surface Cam Clamp also features screw holes. This allows you to use them on a plain board. Please note: All parts are available separately.

UJK Technology Assembly SquareMaintain a perfect square while assembling frames, cabinets, or just about any box!

Next, this Assembly Square is designed to be clamped to boxes, picture frames, shelf cabinets and outside corners to assist with squaring during glue up. For convenience, it forms a reference for a fast, accurate setup of mitre cuts with guide rail. Simply place the square in the corner of two stock pieces you need to square and secure with a set of clamps.

UJK Technology Accessory Kit in T-Loc Case
Accessories for cutting and clamping on an MFT style bench or worktop

This Accessory Kit has all you need for cutting and clamping on an MFT style bench or a worktop made with the UJK Parf system. The set comprises 4 UJK Cam Clamps, 4 UJK Wedges, 4 UJK Back Stops, a pair of UJK Dog Rail Clips, 6 UJK 12mm Guide Pups, 2 UJK 50mm Guide Dogs and a UJK Chamfer Tool. All stored in a T-LOC case.

UJK Technology Parf Repeat Stop
Enables repeat length cuts on an MFT/3, MW1000 or UJK Multifunction Workbench

Made from stainless steel, the Parf Repeat Stop (PRS) is also fantastic for use with custom 20mm hole pattern benches made with the UJK Parf Guide System. A great addition to your workshop, the PRS complements this modern way of working.

UJK Technology Multifunction Workbench for Parf Dogs
With a phenolic face, this robust workbench is resistant to wear making it ideal for workshop or onsite use

Made from high quality birch plywood, this Multifunction Workbench is ideal for site work. For portability, there are cut-outs in the frame enabling it to fit onto a pair of Brennenstuhl trestles (included). The strong steel tube trestles fold almost flat for easy transportation and the splayed legs create a very stable workstation. The 12mm thick birch ply inner frame is box construction ensuring that any top placed upon the frame will remain perfectly flat and not sag.

In terms of storage, the centre of the frame allows you to store dogs, clamps and other accessories. Also included is a pair of UJK Technology Twist Dogs. The Twist Dog’s unique feature is a pin through the spigot; a useful feature when you need to align a workpiece vertically.

Just need the frame? If you don't require the full kit, the UJK Technology Multifunction Workbench (Frame Only) is also available to purchase.

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UJK Technology Surface Cam Clamps (Pair)
Overcome the problem of holding an item on a flat surface using only side pressure

Supplied as pack of 2, these Surface Cam Clamps are based on the successful UJK Surface Cam Duck Clamp. The new and updated version has a 20mm dog hole slightly offset to create the cam action. Designed for use on multifunction benches, these handy workshop accessories are ideal for planing, carving, drilling, sanding etc. For complete flexibility, they can be used on any bench with the correct size hole.

UJK Technology Backstop
A useful stop or assembly aid; the 3 dog holes allow straight or diagonal placement

On its own, this backstop makes a useful planing stop. However alongside another placed at 90° or diagonally at 45° it can form an assembly jig. CNC machined from thick, durable HDF Valchromat, the UJK Back Stop features three dog holes. In all, two are for lateral and longitudinal positioning on a Multifunctional table while the third allows diagonal placement.

UJK Technology 12mm Guide Pups 
Perfect for fixing other items or jigs with corresponding 20mm holesFully compatible with other Parf and multifunction bench accessories, UJK Technology Guide Pups are CNC machined from 303-grade stainless steel for incredible strength. At a 12mm projection above the tabletop, one of the biggest benefits of these lower profile dogs is that they are ideal for situations where a taller dog would cause an obstruction. Measures 20mm in diameter.

UJK Technology 50mm Guide Dogs
Ideal for use with guide rails or used as additional stops in conjunction with Parf Super Dogs

Finally, just like the 12mm Guide Pups, these 50mm Guide Dogs are fully compatible with many other Parf system and multifunction bench accessories. Featuring a machined stop collar which fits into a chamfer around the dog hole, this feature prevents the dogs falling through the table. Next, it also provides a register. This guarantees the dog sits perpendicular to the work surface and ensures a flush fit at the base. If you have a table with plain holes and need to modify it, the UJK Technology Parf Chamfer Cutter is the perfect tool to use. Alternatively, use a router with a bevel cutter to create a slight chamfer. Use in pairs to enjoy the highest levels of precision.

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