We love thinking up new pallet ideas for cheap and easy projects to make. This display stand project is not only quick and easy to build, but is a great way to display all your other crafty makes.

This simple display stand features tiered levels to help show off your wares. Whether it's wooden trinkets, pens, jewellery or even cakes, these lightweight stands will help your handiwork sit head and shoulders above the rest.

Watch Ben in our Woodworking Wisdom demo or follow the step by step guide below.

Prepare your pallet

Begin by preparing your pallet wood. Cut your timber from a pallet and sand away any potential splinters. The width of the boards varies from pallet to pallet. Ours are approximately 100mm.


Mark out 2 x 100mm squares, 2 x 200mm and 2 x 300mm rectangles. Keep at least three boards at maximum length, these will be the shelves or tiers

Cut your timber

Then, cut these to length on the bandsaw. Create a register on the bench with either a couple of bench dogs and a straight piece of wood or just clamp a piece of wood to the bench. This will help to keep things straight and give you something solid to work against. 

Next, cut to length two pieces of baton two and a half times the width of the three boards, in this case 250mm.

Mark the baton out for drilling. Pre-drill with a 2mm drill bit. This will reduce splitting.

Begin the assembly

Screw the baton into place, one along the bottom edge and one at the top of the first tier.


Cut more baton for the next two tiers. Screw into place making sure to bridge across the boards and leaving some space away from the front edge so that they are not visible from the front of the stand when the shelves are in place.


Repeat the above steps to create the mirror image (see picture). 


Screw shelves in place.

You now have your finished display stand. Depending on what you want to display, you may wish to add some additional cross supports for strength.

Decorate with all your work or display items. These stands are a great way to get some height for your craft fair stall.


How have you used yours?

If you have made these pallet wood display stands, we would love to see how you use yours! Tag us in your pictures on social media. Search and tag @axminstertools on Facebook or Instagram. Or upload your photos to our online gallery.

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