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What is Starlock?

Starlock is an improved, standardised accessory fitting system for multi-tools. The main aim of the new system is to offer one common standard that delivers greater performance through faster work progress and more precise results.

How it works

Starlock accessories work hard and work fast. The Starlock blades feature a future proof 'cake tin' pattern for a 3D connection between the motor and the accessory. This means there's much better contact and power transfer from tool to blade which is particularly important with cordless tools. This feature ensures 100% power transfer for maximum stability, performance and precision.

Changing blades could not be easier. Simply place the tool on the back of the blade and press down. A click sound will let you know the spring loaded jaws have successfully snapped over the blade to hold it secure*.

There's no burned fingers from grabbing hold of a hot blade! Releasing the used blade is simple. Just flick the lever on the tool and the blade will fall out. You are then able to push the tool onto a new Bosch Starlock blade and, in just a few seconds, you'll be back to the job in hand.

*The snap on function is not part of the GOP 12V and 30-28.

Benefits of Starlock

  • Tight-lock interface system lets you set the blade at any angle for easy access.
  • Faster tool change; the quick release feature allows you to change blades in a matter of seconds. The blades simply click on.
  • 3D connection between the motor and the blade for 100% power transfer.
  • Compatibility with most multi-tools on the market thanks to the backwards compatible blades. Note: old multi-tool blades are not compatible with the new Starlock multi-tools.
  • Starlock blades and accessories are colour coded for easy identification. The colour on the blade's connection point corresponds to its intended application. (see guide below).
  • A wide range of blade types to cut wood, drywall, metal and abrasive fibre cement.
  • Blades designed for a wide range of applications including flush cutting, scraping, sanding, grinding and plunge cutting.
  • The blade's specifications are laser etched on the surface for ease of reference.
  • Bosch's colour coding of Starlock blades and accessories is useful when trying to find the one you need for the job.

Starlock Blades

For easy identification there are three different Starlock categories. Each category is designed to match the power output of its compatible oscillating tools. Through the new coding into performance classes, only the accessory that matches the performance of the machine can be clamped on. This prevents overloads and ensures higher levels of safety at all times. In a nutshell, you are not able to use Starlock blades on units that are unable to provide the level of torque and power required. Here we'll take a look at the different types and their intended use.

Starlock types

Starlock blades

Covering the lower performance range, the unique patented mounting works reliably with oscillating power tools.

Furthermore, it also works well with tools with the universal dodecagon (12 point) mounting from other manufacturers.

  • Fits ALL multi-cutters including Bosch, Makita, Fein, Metabo, Hitachi, AEG, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Skil and Einhell. DeWALT multi-tools require an adaptor.

StarlockPlus blades

Due to the fact that StarlockPlus blades require more power, these blades are limited to use with certain multi-tools. For ease of reference, StarlockPlus blades work perfectly with all multi-function tools with a StarlockPlus mounting.

  • StarlockPlus blades fit ALL new Bosch Starlock multi-tools, some old Bosch oscillating tools with OIS interface and ALL Fein multi-cutters. All other brands require an adaptor.

StarlockMax blades

These blades match the power output of both Bosch and Fein multi-tools, as well as very powerful oscillating power tools. StarlockMax blades are the most powerful blade classification which makes them perfect for all multi-function tools with a StarlockMax mounting.

  • Fits ALL new Bosch StarlockMax multi-cutters. They will also fit all new Fein Starlock multi-tools including the FEIN SuperCut Construction tool. All other brands will require an adaptor.

Starlock range

Starlock Roundup

We hope you've found our spotlight on Bosch Starlock useful. The Starlock multi-tool mounting system provides great improvement on the previous OIS interface. The new system allows you to choose the blades and accessories with the right fitting for your multi-tool for more efficient working.

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