Wooden Robot Project

An ideal project for beginner woodworkers, this simple to follow wooden robot project is a great way to pass some time at home with your kids.

With a few tools and materials from your workshop, get your children involved in creating a cool wooden robot. As with any project involving tools, there must be a supervising adult overseeing the woodworking project at all times.

Let’s get started…

Part 1 - Marking out

First on the list of things to do is marking out. To keep the body and head of the robot square, you will need to make two marks at 60mm and two marks at 30mm.
Once you've done this, square off the marks all the way around the timber.

Next, mark a centre line down the entire length of the timber

From the top of the timber now mark out a 20mm line. This will be to drill in the eyes later.

Now, on the middle 60mm block, mark a centre line down the side of the timber. Mark off at 15mm from the top and bottom of this block. These marks will be to drill in the arm and leg holes.

Part 2 - Drill holes

Firstly, drill the arm and leg holes, followed by the eye holes. Do this before you cut to length. This will give you more to clamp or hold in the drill vice.

To drill the arm and leg holes use an 8mm lip and spur bit. If your pillar drill doesn't quite have enough chuck travel, finish these holes off with your cordless drill at the bench instead.

To drill the eye holes use a 15/20mm forstner bit. Here, be careful to only go into the timber 3 or 4mm.

Part 3 - Cut to length

If young children are to get hands on with the cutting, a good bench hook and a tenon saw are the best options. However, if you're making this for a child as a gift rather than getting them to help, using a bandsaw may save you time. Please be responsible at all times; the bandsaw is strictly for adult use.

From the top, cut at the two x 60mm marks giving you the head and body of the robot.

Next, using the tenon saw cut down the centre line of the two x 30mm blocks to give you the hands and feet.

You now have all of the components for the robot cut to size.
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Part 4 - Drill holes for the rope

Hands and feet
Firstly, mark out the centres and drill approximately 10mm into the timber with the 15/20mm forstner bit. Then proceed all the way through with the 8mm lip and spur bit.

Mark out a centre line on the head and drill in 10mm with the 15/20mm forstner bit, then continue all the way through with the 8mm lip and spur bit.

Finally, mark out at around 10mm from the back on the body of the robot. Again, drill in 10mm with the 15/20mm forstner bit then all the way through with the 8mm lip and spur bit. This offset drilling will ensure that the holes do not clash when threading the rope through upon assembly.

Part 5 - Assembly

Once you've completed the steps above, you should be ready to assemble your robot.

Part 6 - Final touches

To complete your robot, sand and round over any edges to remove any splinters. Add colour and decoration as you wish. For the final part of this process, Axminster recommends toy safe finishes.
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